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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

3 D's spell Disaster


Why is it our resolve to eat well flies out the window somewhere after 4pm each day? Is there a secret binge monster who only awakes after lunch has been digested, or after the sun goes down?

Here is my theory about afternoon/night time bingeing.

I love food. I don't just like it, I actually love it. It gives me pleasure physically and emotionally. A chocolate bar is as close as you can get to an orgasm by yourself in a public place. Imagine if you weren't "allowed" to have any of your favourite naughty treats again ... ever. I bet you feel deprived and that forbidden treat keeps calling your name.

I have been up since some ungodly hour that starts with a 5 and been training in the gym for more than an hour. I have eaten 4 meals already (sometimes by 2pm) and only have one left for today. I am hungry. I need a decent dinner so I will wait until I get home to eat. Did I mention I'm hungry.

I have been up since some ungodly hour that starts with a 5 and been training in the gym for more than an hour (I know I already told you that but I'm just pointing out that I've been 'good'). I train hard. I have eaten my scheduled food, all logged in CK and my calories and macros are perfect (See ... I have been good). I have lost weight. I am skinnier than everyone I know. I have been doing this diet thing for months. Surely one 'offplan' meal won't kill me? I deserve it.

Here I am at 7-00pm walking past the local pizza shop. I am deprived, depleted and deserving.

What happens next???

Do you really need me to tell you???

But I can't stop at one slice of pizza, I have a few because I'm still hungry. It tastes so good because I haven't had any for so long. But now I've eaten too much. I have to cut back on my calories tomorrow and go back to the clean food to undo the damage I've done. Well, I may as well have dessert as well because I won't be having that for a while after tomorrow. I should probably finish off the dried fruit in the cupboard as well so it won't tempt me tomorrow night when I come home hungry ... whoops I just binged again ... f*ck I'm useless ...

Does any of this sound familiar??

The solution ...

Stay tuned for the next post - I need to go to bed now. And in case you're wondering, I have implemented this new solution and have been binge free for 4 days, the longest run in the last month. Yesterday I turned down cheesecake and pizza without batting an eyelid. Today I had a Snickers Bar without guilt because it was in my plan. It will be worth the wait ...


  1. Looking forward to hearing your solution. I love your blog.

  2. Tell us!!!! Tell us!!!! I need a solution!

  3. Speaking of orgasms I think I just had my first one today - banana flavoured yoghurt with cookies n cream protein powder mixed in over a banana.

    Could be a multiple orgasm day with wedgies at lunch and a chocolate protein bar this arvo not to mention the cottage cheese, protein powder and peanut butter later also.

    We're so naughty aren't we - he he!

  4. I can totally relate! Thanks for your honesty, it seems like a never ending spiral. My solution to date has been to start prep for another Competition: Nothing like the fear of being on stage in just a bikini to start the process, ans seeing progress and changes keep the process going, then being so close to being on stage makes it easier to get to the finish line.... and then it starts again! Ha, I hope you solution is better than mine! Hugs