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Monday, 23 June 2008

Pleasure and Happiness

Pleasure is gratification that only lasts for a short time. It is tied in with our survival instinct. The things we need to do to survive, have sex/procreate and eat are designed to give us fleeting pleasure not lasting happiness.

If sex and eating provided lasting happiness then we would probably only need to do them once which would not guarantee our species survival.

The way to prolong pleasure is to anticipate it, savour it and then remember it. As someone who is someone addicted to the pleasure food brings, I don't take full advantage of enjoying the pleasure.

Today I will eat mindfully, I will plan and look forward to my food. I will eat slowly without any distractions savouring every bite, and then I will remember the sensations and feelings of pleasure after they have gone.

No matter how much food I eat, the pleasure will always fade. I cannot obtain lasting happiness from eating. Happiness does not come from pleasure. It comes from achieving my purpose in life. One of my purposes in life is to be as fit and healthy as I can be. I will not let my pursuit of pleasure undermine my happiness.

It doesn't matter what my mind tells me, I am much more than my thoughts. I will identify all my thoughts and desires before I act on them, in the same way I dismiss acting on inappropriate sexual desire. I am not obliged to follow what my mind wants. I will switch it off and find happiness in the stillness of just being me.

Pleasure is not happiness.


  1. Hmmm - this is deep! I've read it a few times today and still not sure I get it.

    Is the inappropriate sexual desires you dismiss acting upon something like having an amazing sexual encounter with rpm gorgeous ending in multiple orgasms? he he he

    Luv Shelley

  2. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Great post. It really makes me stop and think.


  3. I just did a catch up. I was suprised to see you planning for another comp. Would love to meet you when you are in Melbourne.

  4. The elusive happiness. Too true.
    I listened to a great podcast on this topic from the Budhist society of WA a while back. The concept totally changes your thought process. To know happiness can't be pursued or grasped, but only lived is quite liberating.