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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

About My Weight

Let's be clear about why I am still comparing myself to my competition weight.

I realised that I wasn't nearly lean enough to compete and I placed last in both my divisions. After taking inspiration from Charlotte I need to aim for a competition weight in the low 50's.

If I am to compete again on 5 October, I want to control the amount of weight I need to lose and therefore shorten the dieting phase of prep.

If I weigh 57 kilos, then it will take 14 weeks to get to 50 kilos because I know I only average 1/2 kilo loss a week. Clearly if I can "maintain" for a few weeks at 55-56, it means I only have to diet for 10-12 weeks.

I am not, right at this moment, trying to maintain my "competition" weight, dear friends, because I never got there. I was 4-5 kilos above it. So the weight I was on 25 May is about as much as I should be in the off season - hence my desire to remain here.

I am working out hard in the gym but all I am aiming for is to get some bigger shoulders in the next few weeks. Everything is there, it was just still hidden under the fat. Until I can meet with my trainer and get a proper program (the downside of having a real trainer is trying to synchronise schedules), I am having 2 rest days a week to encourage muscle growth/maintenance and I've reduced my cardio to 5 days instead of 6.

My goal is to look better in my next competition than I did in my first. And most of that comes down to getting leaner and harder. I have had my 3 weeks of over stimulating my metabolism with heaps of calories. I am now on the straight and narrow.

I am following my plan to adjust calories according to what I weigh in the morning, I am eating heaps of CLEAN food and I am keeping my carbohydrates and calories high for as long as I can.

I have a clearly defined goal and putting on any more weight is not going to accomplish it. There is only 16 weeks to go. I have to make every moment count.


  1. Maybe its too much on your body to compete again so soon - I'm just asking but have no experience whatsoever on training for comps. Is your cycle back? You looked fantastic in the comp even though you say you should have been 4.5 kilos lighter.
    You accomplished so much I'm sure you'll do the same for this next comp.

  2. ahhhhh *lightbulb moment* i totally get it now! takes me a while at times lol.

    Seems to me that you have a realistic approach to it babes and you have a well thought out 'plan' to follow!

    I shall worry no more (promise)

    cant wait to you you transform once again babes, you have more strength than me! i really dont think id cope with the vigors of body building comps!!

    Erica xxx

  3. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Hey Katie

    Which comp you planning on doing on 5 October? We could be at the same one!! YAY

  4. Hi Katie, you are an inspiration to me so it was lovely to read you'd taken inspiration from my blog. Look forward to meeting you in July!