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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Post Comp Week 3 Review

Weight: 57.7 kg
BF%: 12.4%
LBM: 50.55 kg Fat: 7.15 kg

Week before competition
Weight: 55.2 kg
BF%: 11.4%
LBM: 48.9 kg Fat: 6.24 kg

I have gained 2.5kg of scale weight since the week before competition. But if the BF% is to be believed I have gained more muscle than fat - 1.6kg of muscle, 0.9kg of fat. I hope this is true.

I feel like a bloated whale at the moment. I don't know if it is my body getting used to the creatine or my hormones going whacky. I feel like I have PMT, but who knows. Still no sign of my period, I am nearly 4 weeks overdue now.

Eating is still a real struggle but I don't have any problem training at all. In fact I really love lifting weights as I am feeling really strong and running for 20 minutes is relaxing rather than exhausting. RPM is still my favourite.

Training Totals : 5 sessions| 7 hours 7 mins | 1:18 hard | 1:51 moderate | 3 :45 light | calories 3164


  1. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum woman...FOUR WEEKS overdue and BLOATING?? have you done a pregnancy test lately?


  2. Miss Kitty - this is probably TMI but I haven't had sex since before my last period because I was too hungry, tired, thin and pointy - (oh except for yesterday) so I don't think it is likely.

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  4. TMI? have you read my posts woman??


    yay for yesterday!!! ;p

  5. but you'd have to be thrilled with your body yes?

    i know nothing about comps etc but from what ive read on your blog babes the pre comp weight is due to strict rationing and depriving yourself, maybe it would help to set yourself a realistic not competing weight and eating plan to follow? maybe? i mean feel free to tell me to fuck off babes but maybe this is why your having trouble sticking to the det coz your body's craving eating normally, or maybe its a head thing? either way id be making up a non competing food plan and weight to use as a guide line then when your gonna compete again you can just kick into 'katie-competition-mode'

    Erica xxxx