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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Feels Like I'm Cheating

The clean things I am eating every day make me feel like I'm cheating. The food I can eat and still stay healthy and lean is unbelievable. I am only eating the things I love - and plenty of them.

Here are some of the highlights:

- Ladybird Protein Crunch - although it doesn't taste that great (it doesn't really taste of anything), adding real crunch to my yogurt makes me feel like I'm eating cereal. That is cereal with lots of protein and few carbs. Loving that!

- Yummy protein powder - there are hundreds of PPs on the market at various prices with various macros, tastes and consistencies. Spend a little more and find one that tastes good, dissolves completely in water and is creamy rather than chalky. I've upgraded and I wish I did it earlier. I'm using Premium Whey Protein HWPI + WPC. Shelley [ss2306(at)] is a distributor so email her directly if you want to try it.

- Full fat cheese - now I can afford the calories and the fat I am back on Jarlsberg cheese. It balances out to a certain extent because you eat much less because of its stronger taste. It melts like a dream. I'm thinking full fat yogurt may be making a comeback soon.

- Toasted sandwiches - chicken, cheese and tomato on grainy hearty bread - what more can I say ...

- Sweet potato wedges baked in the oven with sweet chilli sauce and cottage cheese (instead of sour cream). Beats oily tasting takeaway chips any day.

- Protein Bars - the ones covered in chocolate hit the "I need a Mars Bar" spot. I doubt I could even eat a Mars Bar anymore.

- Banana topped with peanut butter. One of the best snacks you can take anywhere.

- Thick hearty porridge with maple syrup (yes I'm back on the sugar free MS) and yogurt. The most filling and heart warming breakfast ever.

I registered my lowest post comp weight so far this morning at 56 kgs flat. Eating more is doing me no harm so far. I have avoided Thursdayitis because Coach gave me the day off the gym. Aside from not being able to lift my arms at the moment (muscle soreness) I am rearing to go. I have energy and enthusiasm returning at last. It's all good and getting better ...


  1. Thanks Katie - I now have drool running down the side of my face after producing so much saliva reading this!

  2. I heart peanut butter and banana. Yum!!!

  3. Great to hear you sounding so positive. Good work!

  4. Anonymous7:16 pm

    You hot.

    S X

  5. All that food sounds great!

    Irene x