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Friday, 6 June 2008

I'm in love with a man ...

I'm in love with a man who is strong and assertive.
He tells me what to do and I do it.
He encourages me to push beyond my boundaries and to keep going when I want to stop.
He is tough on me when I need it, and yet allows me make my own decisions.
He has been known to make me cry tears of joy.
And he also makes me smile.
He is not handsome or ripped or self absorbed.
Although he does have great arms and shoulders and his legs are incredible.
He believes in me, he inspires me and yet he is not fully aware of his influence on my life.
He doesn't care what I look like, or whether I speak to him or not, he will just be there for me.

Who is this man?

Not my husband dear reader ... he is Gorgeous Boy (GB) my RPM instructor.
I'm in love ... *sigh* (but I wouldn't do it with him - eww that is just wrong!)

And he just made me burn no less than 812 calories this morning.


  1. Holy shit batman - Eight hundred and f*#king 12 calories - you're a machine!

    And I thought you were getting soppy over hubby.

    Have an awesome day.

    Luv Shelley

  2. Anonymous11:45 am

    Loved that! Just wondering, do you use a heart rate monitor? I'm thinking about getting one but I'm really only interested in knowing how many calories I burn in RPM and maybe when I do Step.


  3. OH MAN I could cry... I miss RPM so much! Glad you love it too. And the man.

  4. Anonymous10:41 pm

    God Katie, Only been in the 600's for RPM. But that could still be about me, correction that is about me. Will post again

  5. Shelley and Essie - It was high performance RPM (9 tracks) and there was some deadlifts and walking to and from the gym tacked on to that so probably 600 is about right.

    CJ - I have a polar heart rate monitor and I love it.

    Chris - RPM is my favourite thing at the moment!