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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Another Day Another Binge

I ate too much food again yesterday. It started with dinner and didn't finish until after midnight.
That is two days this week - both on days where I burnt heaps of calories in an RPM class.

Is there a pattern emerging here?
Maybe I should eat more on RPM days?
It just seems a waste to eat back all your exercise calories ...

Luckily today is a fresh day and I've started it off the way I mean to continue with protein waffles and yogurt. Although I am in no way endorsing stuffing your face, it is nice to not be hungry for a change.

I don't think tomorrow's weigh in is going to be very pleasant :(


  1. kiss kiss hug hug

  2. What is going ON? I'm so hungry this week too. I've staved off any binges so far, just eaten more good food ...fingers crossed I get through the weekend unscathed.

    Share your waffle recipe? Please? :p I'm working on mine, it's not quite right.

  3. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Sometimes I do that too.

    I think it's worse when I have too much free time around the house. I really try hard not to keep junk foods in the house or any real food that is easy to grab and eat quickly. Sometimes I still find ways to binge though.


  4. Katie, weight loss is not linear (as you know) and our bodies don't always operate well on the calories we *think* they need. THe fact you've been hungry on 2 RPM days may be telling you that you need to eat a bit extra on these days to keep your innards happy. Remember the 200, not 2000 cal rule or it may end up being the 300 not 3000 rule. THe key is experimenting and seeing what works.

    Liz n