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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today I have been married to Mr Katie for 14 years.

Today I had a meltdown at work and told some people off in a meeting.

Today I had a low fat muffin for morning tea (planned) and a takeaway Indian curry for dinner (unplanned).

Today I skipped the gym because I had Thursdayitis which is now re-named Day-Sixitis (the sixth day of eating clean and training without a break which leaves me totally shagged).

Speaking of shagging, I'm going to bed, it is my anniversary after all.

The end.


  1. Whoooot, happy anniversary you sexy laydeeeee!

    S X

  2. Hiya Katie, happy anniversary!! The indian meal sounds delish :o) I lurve indian!!

    Hope u have a good evening ;o)

  3. Happy anniversary!!!!

  4. happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Katie!, hope you saved room for dessert ;o)