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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Post Comp Day 16

oats, PP, yogurt, maple syrup
1030ladybird crunch, peanut butter, yogurt, apple
1300chicken, brown rice, vegetables, eggwhites
1630english muffin, chicken, cheese, tomato, spinach, CC
2000chicken, pumpkin, CC
ladybird crunch, yogurt
unplanned food 2 x ricotta and spinach canapes
training stats
1 hr 27 : 579 calories : 157 max : 116 average
trainingback, shoulders, triceps, treadmill interval

Had to attend a business cocktail party and partook of two canapes. This is the only time I have eaten at a work function for 3 years. I think some of my colleagues nearly fell over.

The tiny ricotta and spinach triangles were divine. They didn't make me eat everything in sight for the rest of the night. In fact, I wasn't really that hungry for dinner.

Tonight I made my own pumpkin soup - just a whole wad of pumpkin mashed up with a bit of water. I threw the chicken and cottage cheese on top. Very nice!

I am going to be going to the All Female Classic in Melbourne in July (as a spectator) with Shelley, Liz and Shannon. It should be a wonderful girls weekend. Sounds like to perfect opportunity to catch up with the Melbourne bloggers - let's organise something ladies!


  1. i'll go to the blogger party.

    chicks galore...kitty likes the sound of that.

  2. Bugger Bum Shit Poo. I would be there if I hadnt lost my licence.
    REX have decided to can the flights from my town to Melbourne.
    I would so love to meet both you and Liz. I havent made this public knowledge but Ive been using Liz for the past few months too. Grin.