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Monday, 9 June 2008

Post Comp Day 15

slept in again
1030oats, PP, yogurt, maple syrup, dried apricots
1300english muffin, chicken, cheese, tomato, spinach, CC
1530ladybird crunch, peanut butter, yogurt, strawberries
1800chicken, brown rice, vegetables, CC, eggwhites
dinner + 2.5oats, PP, yogurt, maple syrup
unplanned food protein bar, dark chocolate
training stats
1 hr 30 : 631 calories : 157 max : 118 average
trainingcardio coach #5, bosu squats, walk

As you can see I have decided to record my weight again. As I am continuing to hop on the scales every morning and still trying to work out how many calories I can eat a day without gaining weight it seemed sensible to record it somewhere purely as data, not as any type of validation. Sounds like a feeble excuse I know, but bad luck!

No spin class today because it is a public holiday. Used the spin bike at the gym to do Cardio Coach #5 with Sean O'Malley.

* Although I ate unplanned food between meal #4 and #5 I didn't feel hungry at all for meal #6. Delayed it until before bed and just had a 1/2 serving of oats and PP so I could take my creatine. I wonder if the brown rice at dinner had anything to do with the satiety of the meal? I always feel full after starchy carbs - oats, rice, grainy bread, sweet potatoes.
* Good clean food today - nothing out of a can!
* No bingeing even though it was a cardio/RPM day
* Rode out several junk food cravings fueled by the thought that I had worked hard in the gym and could afford the calories

Could do better
* One Pepsi Max post workout and one can of Diet Coke after dinner

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  1. Anonymous8:40 am

    Just want you to know that you are an inspiration babe. Keep going with it
    S X