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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Post Comp Day 14

english muffin, eggwhite, turkey, cheese
1030protein bar
1300refried beans, turkey, vegetables, cottage cheese
1530eggwhites, PP, banana, crunchola, maple syrup, LF yogurt
1900fish, chips, salad, pineapple
dinner + 2.5peanut butter, icecream, ladybird crunch
unplanned food none
trainingbody stretch class, chest, biceps, incline walk
sleep8 hours

Bonked in the gym. Not sure if it was doing weights after yoga/pilates or because I didn't eat enough yesterday.

* Eating all on time and on plan. Although chips were not a perfect choice, I wanted them last night and I delayed gratification for a full 24 hours. A chance to demonstrate control
* Made it to a stretching class this morning even though I almost decided not to go at the last minute
* Felt like continuing to eat after meal #4 and meal #5 but didn't give in
* Cooked up a whole big packet of brown rice and froze it in portioned bags

Could do better
* Had way to much sodium today mostly due to the refried beans out of a can. I will make my own next time
* Could have pushed harder in the gym? or is it OK to accept that not every day can be 110%?
* I'm bored with journelling all this shit already
* I feel like I am hanging on to the edge of a cliff by my fingernails ...

... oh and my period still hasn't arrived.


  1. Katie, good on you for still keeping it up! You work so hard for this - you look fabulous.

    Just a question / thought though - if you work your back and tris then chest and bis, you're working the same muscle groups twice in two days - your biceps are worked when your back is (most of the time) and your tris when you're doing chest. Is that something that your trainer has suggested, cause I'm just wondering from another trainer point of view! Not crticising or anything!! :)

    You're going to get times that you're over blogging it all - but as long as you keep your head in it, it doesn't matter if you write it down.

  2. Anonymous11:44 am

    All things considered, that's not a bad day. A lot of times we feel we should have done a lot better when really things weren't that bad at all and certainly a whole lot better than what most people accomplished!!