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Thursday, 17 July 2008

FHMF - 18 July Challenge - Do What You Hate

Tomorrow's challenge is to do the exercise that you hate the most.

If it is lunges, pushups, mountain climbers or hill sprints, the exercise that you always avoid, schedule it in tomorrow and just do it.

The exercise you hate the most is probably the one you are least proficient at, which means that your muscles are probably weaker in that area. You don't have to do any prescribed number, or with a really heavy weight (you can cheat if you want) just do it 8x or 10x or to failure if you like.

You only have to do it tomorrow, then you can cross it off your challenge list, but think what would happen if you did that exercise you hate a couple of times a week? Maybe you wouldn't hate it so much after all if you got better at it...


Shelley, I will use your bicep/back photo challenge soon but I am too stressed out to take photos this week. Maybe after you come back from Camp Eden?

I am inviting all blog readers to suggest challenges for the FHMF team. I am pretty sure I am going to run out of ideas soon so all suggestions gratefully accepted.
Either comment or email me thin-enough(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au with your challenges (as long as they don't involve public nudity or illegal activities LOL)

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  1. No public nudity or illegal activities? Err...

    Damn! I'm out of ideas.