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Monday, 28 July 2008

Irrational Beliefs

No-one can stay lean in the off season.
There doesn't have to be an off season - It is OK to want to look like a healthy figure athlete all year round. I can choose the level of leanness that is right for me without having to apologise for what I want.

I deserve treats because I have been deprived and 'good' for so long.
Eating junk food deprives me of my health, vitality and the body I want.

I can't stop at one treat, I have no self control.
I have stopped at one treat in the past and I can do it again. I can treat myself with things other than food.

My thighs rub together and my belly sticks out so I must be fat.
I am still too small for my size 10 clothes and although I am carrying a bit more fat than I'd like, I am not fat by most people's standards.

If I overeat, I may as well get it all out of my system and eat everything I want. I can start afresh tomorrow.
The present moment is all that I have. I can't eat enough to make up for everything I have missed. Food will always be there.

Dieting and being thin is painful.
Life is painful. Being bloating and having indigestion from eating too much crap is also painful. There is no pain free life. I can choose what I want.

Dieting makes me hungry, miserable and exhausted.
Overeating makes me stuffed, miserable and exhausted. Occasionally feeling hungry is temporary and will lead to achieving my goals which will make me proud and happy.

If I don't eat enough I will lose all my muscle and slow down my metabolism.
If I fuel my body with the right food and train mindfully, I can keep or even build muscle. During my contest prep I lost fat and gained 1 kg of muscle so I already know what my lowest calorie limit is.

Eating yummy food makes me feel good.
Overeating processed food makes me feel bad afterwards. Being lean and strong and not carrying extra fat makes me feel better than the short lived pleasure of a binge. The good feeling of eating right lasts longer than the momentary pleasure of indulging in junk food. The taste of food is over quickly. Feeling lean is a feeling that lasts 24/7.


  1. What an awesome post Katie... LOVED it!! :o)

  2. Great post Katie, a few things I could identify with there.

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  4. Its always good to challenge some of our thoughts. One that really struck me some time ago is the one that says food should taste good. Now, I'm not saying that I don't want to enjoy my food - but where is this rule written that says we should always enjoy what we eat? After all, if food is fuel, and we want to fuel our bodies to achieve this,maybe, and just maybe, its ok to eat something that doesn't thrill the tastebuds and is just good for you. If we consider this belief irrational - it opens a whole world of new eating options

  5. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Beautiful post. So inspirational.


  6. Too true - thank you for that!!!!

  7. Nice post Katie - too often we think we're beholden to our beliefs which turn out to be irrational.


  8. Fabulous post Katie - yet again! xxx

  9. Great post. So often it is our own thinking that holds us back. The old is the glass half full or empty question. Loved it

  10. Katie, thank you for a brilliant post! I can relate to everything you have written. Seeing it written down in black and white makes it sink in a bit better.

    Tara xx

  11. How I wish I could always stick by your last point!!!! I can't seem to steer away from the temporary gratification of bad food!

    Great post!

  12. I Love This Post!

    Great insights Katie.