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Monday, 14 July 2008

Team FHMF 14 July Challenge - Commitment

I decided on the way in to work this morning that Team FHMF needs a daily challenge to keep us all on track. I am mostly doing this for me, but it would be great if you girls leave a comment daily so we can track how we are going.

I figure that we already know how to do the right thing, we just need accountability and a little bit of a push to go a bit further. One challenge a day added to our normal routines will get us stronger, leaner and more HUGE.

Anyone else is more than welcome to play along. Just accept the day's challenge and leave a comment describing what you did or didn't do. It is perfectly OK to only check in occasionally or to check in with a DNF (did not finish).

I will try to post the daily challenge the night before so you have all day to do it. Of course today I'm late but it is going to be an easy one.

July 14 - Commitment

Today's challenge is to publicly commit to our goals. We are working towards being lean, strong, healthy and huge athletes. By incorporating small changes every single day, we will grow physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Send a comment articulating your commitment to reaching your goal. Write it in positive language ("I will not ..." is not allowed, only "I will ..." statements). Decide to be accountable daily, weekly or at the first goal post which is 6 weeks from now on 24 August.

I will commit the next 6 weeks to becoming HUGE.
I will train and eat to support this goal.
I will challenge myself everyday to do something extra that will enhance my results.
I will plan to meet with Team FHMF on Sunday 24 August to check-in on my progress.
I will take photos and measurements tonight so I can track the changes in my physique.
I will celebrate my achievements and instantly forgive myself when I falter.
I will enjoy every moment of this journey.
With the love and support of my team - I will do it!!


  1. I will train hard at each and every training session.
    I will become f*@kin HUGE!!
    I am commiting to Team FHMF.
    I will eat and supplement to support my goal.
    I will practice daily visualisation of my HUGE muscles.
    I am strong and lean in my mind.
    I will celebrate my friendships and treasure them.
    I will enjoy every moment of this journey.

    Luv Shelley

    PS I thought you were suppose to be busy this week!

  2. i will commit to my trip to sydney by booking a ticket - tick


    come out for drinkie poo!

  3. Hi there gorgeous,

    I'm getting so f*cking huge I'm going to be able to crack macadamias with my magnificent gluteals.
    Seriously I will do what I can and celebrate every achievements.
    I will be making you cry "Mummy" when you come up on the 24th :)

    Hugs (as always)