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Monday, 14 July 2008

Team FHMF - 15 July Challenge - Plan

Tomorrow's challenge is to put in place a new plan that will help you overcome something that bugs you or simply makes you more effective.

Some ideas
- lay out your training clothes, shoes and bag the night before so you get to the gym 10 minutes earlier
- put plastic cutlery in your handbag so you can grab a yogurt at any time
- schedule a reoccurring appointment called 'home time' in your work calendar with a half hour reminder so you leave the office in time to make dinner at home
- take extra fruit/snacks with you in case you get held up away from home
- lay out all your supplements the night before so you remember to take them
- cook extra vegetables at dinner the night before and eat them for lunch
- boil some eggs and put them in the fridge
- book yourself out for a real lunch hour (or half) and walk to spot to eat lunch

Come up with a plan, and then execute it. I will post my plan and results in the comments section tomorrow night.


  1. Laying my clothes out the night before and getting my gym bag ready for the change into work clothes is the most essential part of my week day training.. Saves so much time and actually motivates me to get out of bed and off to training.. Good ideas Katie!

  2. - buy jols in the shopping so I don't have to pay $3 a packet at the airport when I REALLY want something sweet
    - put my oats in the fridge in water so they don't boil over when cooking at breakfast

    This is too hard for my brain tonight - I'm tired and gotta run 10 k's in the morning so I'll think more about it tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous9:02 pm

    I like the idea of keeping plastic spoons in my purse for yogurt. Duh...why didn't I think of that a long time ago?!! I'm always starving when I'm out in malls all day long on the weekend and can't find anything acceptable to eat to save my life so I end up eating chocolate. Yogurt is a much better idea.

    Your FHMF blogging is very motivating. Makes me want to improve on myself too.


  4. I'm posting a DNF (did not finish) tonight
    - I planned to exercise at home this morning and ending up on the computer and drinking cups of tea in front of the heater instead
    - I planned to go to the gym after work (and took all my gear with me) but because of some irate priests (don't even ask!) I only just got home after 12 hours of work without a break
    - I took lots of clean food with me today but I still indulged in some unplanned chocolate
    - I have been driven to drink - I just had to have a rum and diet coke tonight even though I don't drink!

    No bingeing though so a victory none the less.

    Tomorrow is a new day and even though I will have to get up an hour earlier I will go to the gym. I don't function so well when my routine is buggered up.

    PS - my rum is DIVINE!!!