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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Team FHMF - 17 July Challenge - Gratitude

Tomorrow's challenge is to show gratitude.

1. Thank someone at the gym - either your trainer, class instructor or the person at the front desk who greets you every day. Tell them how you much appreciate their help.

2. Thank god/goddess/buddha or the farmer who grew your food each time you eat tomorrow. Pause before you eat the two chocolate bars your vegetables to be grateful that you have nourishing food for your belly.

3. Thank your significant other, your parents, your best friend, your children or your favourite blogger for the support they give you. A hug and a kiss goes a long way if you feel inclined.

4. Thank yourself for sticking with it every day. Take a moment to appreciate that no matter how many time you fail, you are still here battling away at it.

5. Thank f*ck you are not me ... ;)


  1. Anonymous9:35 am

    Thank YOU for your post last month titled Pleasure & Happiness. I have copied it and repeat it to myself daily. That post has literally made a change in my binge eating. THANK YOU !!!

  2. I'd like to suggest tomorrow or one day next week's challenge. Debs has posted back and bicep poses on her blog. I reckon we do the same to mark the beginning of our HUGE backs and biceps.

  3. But thank f*ck I've had such a great weekend with you :)