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Sunday, 13 July 2008


I just got back from the best ever weekend in Melbourne with Liz, Shelley, and Shannon. It was like Sex in the City on steroids.

We ate Indian, we caned it in the gym (I nearly did a pull-up unassisted), we did RPM, we went to a pre-judging, we met lots of bloggers, we ate some more, we went to the night show, we met some more bloggers, we ate Thai, we had DOMs, we shopped, ate Vietnamese and came home.

I have never laughed so much in my whole life! And I have never been more inspired!

The girls on stage were amazing, but my three girls were even more amazing. I learnt so much, I felt I belonged and I came home with new energy and love for my sport.

The four of us are on a mission to be f*ck'n huge motherf*ckers (FHMF) by competition season next year. Nothing is going to stop us! Watch this space ...

There is much more to blog about and photos to come but I need my dinner right now.

Here is my true story from today. There is a huge C@tholic thing going on in Sydney at the moment with visitors everywhere. Two rather large young ladies were waiting for the lift at Central Station. A third young lady comes running down the stairs and shouts at the top of her voice "Hurry up you fat c*nts or we'll miss the f*ck'n scripture reading!"


  1. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I was thinking about you today Miss Katie. I miss you blogging everyday!!!
    S X

  2. Lolz @ the catholics. Sounds like some exciting plans!

  3. those fuckin catholics girls, i tells ya!!!

  4. LOL on the catholic girls...too funny!

  5. Hey you, am lol at your Catholic girls comment. What a fantastic weekend.

    Go Team Mutha F*ckers :)


  6. that's hysterical!

  7. Anonymous10:01 am

    Well I do hope they hurried LOL it obviously was very important to her :)