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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Well Hello Lurkers

There are at least 55 people who regularly visit this blog everyday. My stat thingamejiggy tells me so. And yet I only know probably 10 or 12 of you at most.

In honour of all you regular viewers, I am declaring today open house at this blog.

I am turning off comment moderation so you can all comment to your heart's content.

In case you "never know what to say" I will set you a challenge.

Pick a negative phrase that goes through your head and then rewrite it as a positive phrase.

Here is the template

Before: I hate peeing all the time
After: Every time I pee, I am flushing out toxins and releasing fat from my body

If you don't like that idea bad luck, it's my blog, then just say whatever you want. I need some blog love so go ahead and give it to me!


  1. Anonymous6:40 am

    My lower body fat gives me all the motivation I need to work out as hard and heavy as I can.

  2. Anonymous7:24 am

    My negative thing is

    "I'm fat"

    But what I actually mean is, I FEEL fat and still have my fat chick head which is really hard to get rid of.

    I'm not fat.

    S X

  3. Well, hello then! i feel guilty for lurking so will take up your challenge...

    Riding my bike to work through Canberra's -3 degree mornings invigorates the soul and gets my blood pumping. (unfortunately, not to my hands or feet).

  4. My negative thought is:

    "It is so hard for me to eat all this food, I'm going to fail and end up living on 200 calories a day again and lying to everyone."

    and I've turned it into:

    "The fact that I have zero inclination to binge and can easily limit my intake of food is going to ensure rapid and continued success at maintaining a low bodyweight and BANGING HOT BOD."

    Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!


  5. Hey Miss K, You know I read most days.
    My negative thought is,
    My husband is a cheating prick!
    Ive turned it in to, yep im right but im too strong to let it beat me.

  6. No lurker here... but I'll join in anyway! I feel like I should bring something to an open house - perhaps some green tea and some dark chocolate.

    I am working hard towards making my body fabulous, and that makes me a stronger person.


  7. "I'm getting injured all the time."


    "My body knows when it's time to slow down and rest a little."


    "I have a huge arse."


    "My fat deposits are located in the best possible place, not aroun my internal organs!"

  8. Hi KatieP, I must admit I am a lurker but I have commented from time to time. I don't really have a negative phrase but would like to say that I'm very inspired by your body building commitment and results. Good on you! =o) I do have a question though, what scales do you use? The screen is great! Jules.

  9. Hi Miss Katie!

    I'm no lurker but thought I would join in:

    "I've gained so much fat since the comp"

    is now:

    "I have to gain weight to build huuuuuuge muscles"

  10. Okay - mine would be:

    I didn't train as hard as I could have and I'm disappointed in myself.

    Changing to:

    I didn't train as hard as I normally do which means tomorrow I can only improve!

  11. Mine is:
    My left delt is never going to grow back in time (for my comp).

    Change to:
    I've recovered at top speed and now almost all my lifts are back to full strength. Size will follow if I'm consistent and focused.

  12. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Hi Katie
    I confess to being a lurker but have posted once before. Keep up the regular blogging, I check in with your site most days and love the fact that you are honest about bingeing, coping and everything else - here's my negative to positive.

    I hate losing control and bingeing on foods I know are bad for me.

    If I binge I will forgive myself and take that as recognition that it is time for me to ease up on the strictness of my daily food plan and allow more daily treats to avoid losing control again.

  13. HI Katie... Sending the luv your way!! hehehe.

    Negative thing: I ate too much crap today

    Positive thing: Tomorrow I will achieve a better eating plan than today, and not indulge in unnecessary items.

    I Love reading your blog, but not always sure what to say, so don't comment much. I was so impressed with your competition efforts, and disipline.

    Keep up all your good work - you are certainly an inspiration for me...thats why I come back everyday!


  14. Hello yes I lurk, but I will speak up today.

    My negative: Injuring my knee has turned all of my previous good work into nothing but fat again.

    Turned around: I know I can lose this weight, I did it before , I am doing it again.


  15. Not a lurker, but sending some blog luuurve anyway....

    Hmm, negative thought:

    Yikes, I don't belong here in this room with all these elite athletes. I'm outta my depth and they'll all know I'm a faker.

    Positive spin:

    Pig's arse! Me athlete too. :o)

    OK, so maybe that didn't quite qulaify as a positive phrase, but STFU - it works for me.

  16. Hi Katie,

    I had and knee surgery has hindered my preparation for the WA IFBB state titles.....

    Knee surgery has given me the opportunity to train in a modified format and due to my high level of fitness pre surgery, 3 weeks post op i am back running on the treadmill with October clearly in my sights.

    Maryanne x

  17. Hello Katie!!

    I'm a lurker and just for you I'll come out of the woodwork but I must admit I hate doing that negative positive thing. It drives me batty!!

    Instead, I'll tell you that despite my desk buddy at work doing her evil best to get me to eat a donut from Gourment Glaze today I didn't!

    Ok, back to hide in the woodwork again :0)

  18. Ahh - you know I'm always here.
    and I positively need to know where you get that stat thingy from. I want to see if I can record the lowest stats ever! LOL

  19. Hi from me too - I do check in every day - but rarely comment. Glad things are going well. And I loved all the comments above - great idea.

  20. ok ok my turn.

    "today sux"

    "yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift... thats why they call it the present"

    i loveeee kunggg fuuuuuuuuuu!

    scuse me *clears throat* kids are really diggin kung fu panda at the moment.... does it show?

  21. Okay I am one of those odd people your mom warned you about. I don't think in terms of the negative. It is my parents fault they thought ever day was a great day if you were alive and had someone to love.

    Even when I was fat it was all good,that mean't I lived in a land of abundance and I had more than enough. (sick I know)

    However I would like to say you are really too hard on yourself,
    you seem like a very determined
    woman who is simply flawed like the
    rest of us earthlings. Give yourself a pat on back for the
    hurdles you have overcome.

    I wish you only be best, celebrate the beauty of you.

  22. Being on Competition diet is hard - but I love the restrictions of a diet, I love how life has less choices and I love the way I lot when I eat clean and follow the plan!

    Hey hun, just wanted to say you rock, and so does your blog, no wonder so many folks lurk and don't post.

  23. Negative: I hate my massive legs
    Positive: If I were a front rower playing rugby league, then these legs would probably be a blessing!

    Not really a true "positive" but at least I am trying!

  24. I guess my negative is "I should read Katie's blog more often, I enjoy it every time I visit." I'm not a lurker or a regular.

    So I'll read you more often. You're always an inspiration.

  25. Nothing negative to report, but Katie, I really enjoy your blog immensly, and have it in my feeds to read when you update!

  26. HI Katie,

    Ok i'm de lurking. Too tired to do the negative phrase thingy now.

    Love your blog, keep up the great work.


  27. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Hi, dear!
    I'm a lurker, I read your blog very often, I've just rejoined Wight Watchers and am finally doing something about the issue that has haunted me for years.

    Mu negative thought is definitely:
    I am going to fail again, like i've done a million times before.

    So I replace it with:
    I am succeeding, for sure, for good.

  28. Anonymous3:45 am

    Coming out of lurking, just to say HI :) Hang in there, you're doing well. Pants are always the best measure of weight loss/gain if you ask me!! :)

  29. De-lurking to say I love your honesty so much I put you in my google reader. :)

  30. Can you believe how many people stalk you?

    You're a wanted woman Katiep

  31. Anonymous9:25 pm

    I am relatively new to the fitness side of things, I found your blogspot through a friend. A couple of clicks here & a couple of clicks there....and hey presto, i'm reading through your blog getting inspired after every word. Thank you for speaking your inner most 'weaknesses' with absolute confidence that you will push through. I'm inspired by you and have marked your blogs as one of "my favourites". With your positive determination YOU WILL reach your goals and maintain them!!