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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Home Again

I have just arrived home from my holiday in Brisbane and thought I would catch up on blogging.

I had the very best time with Shelley and her family and with all the fit and healthy girls I met over the past 6 days.

It is so nice to hang out with people who have the same goals, the same values and some of the same frustrations. It makes you feel normally instead of some kind of freak.

I have trained every day I was away except Sunday, I have eaten healthy food, bought loads of gym clothes, had expert advise from Shelley, Liz, Lindy Olsen, and Nicole, got a tattoo, sunbaked by the pool, and had a wonderful relaxing time. I was worried that I would come home and fall into a huge food binge, but after a handful of licorice bullets and a single rum and diet coke, I am all good again.

In terms of training I discovered how to activate my glutes properly, how to lock my shoulders when I bicep curl, and that I hyperextend my elbows which puts stress on my shoulder. Now I know these things (and a few other pointers) I am very excited to get back in the gym and see how much more I can progress.

I also feel really great about how I look (danger, danger ... breathe ... it's OK) because everyone kept admiring my shoulders, back and biceps (probably due to the fact that it is compulsory now for me to wear a singlet at all times to show off my tattoo). In fact, I actually never realised that I had a great upper body until this week. I don't know how I did it, but I now have some decent muscle. (Probably all the protein I've been eating and all the walking - *private joke*)

Thank you to all the girls in Brisbane who made the past week so wonderful. I wish I could have brought you all home with me. If I could figure out a way to move the Wh1te Sa1ls Asylum to Brisbane, I would. Maybe Shelley will adopt me and I could be her live in housekeeper paid in Ladybird Crunch, Slim Secrets and PT sessions!


  1. You'll only get bulky by lifting weights you know Katie!

    You forgot to add full-time "Nanny" to your payment plan.

    Stay strong!!

  2. It was great seeing you again on the weekend Katie. :o)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Katie!

    I am really happy that you came back with a renewed sense of happiness in what you have achieved and you sound so much more positive! Woo hoo!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:44 pm

    It sounds like you had a great time!! You'll have to let us in on the training pointers you picked up when you get a chance.


  5. Wished you could have stayed longer - I was rather looking forward to how bulky I could make you :)
    (as always)