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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Minus One Plus One

How much is one gram of oats? or one gram of protein powder? or one gram of peanut butter?

Would you miss one gram of any of these things?

Here is my sneaky plan to cut calories without even noticing. Just measure 1 gram less than you normally do. Instead of 30g of oats, only have 29g. Put it in your food log as the whole 30g and think of it as one gram in the savings bank.

In one month you will have saved a whole serving of oats and in a year 365g without even noticing. Do it with all the foods you measure (not vegetables though because 1 g of lettuce isn't going to add up to much in 10 years!).

Now do one extra minute of cardio. In a month that is one extra 30 minute session. Or have the incline on the treadmill on 0.5%.

You might save/spend an extra 50 calories a day adding up to 18,250 calories a year which should be about 5 kilos of fat. Are you 5 kilos lighter than you were this time last year?

Drink an extra glass of water when you brush your teeth. Every time you come to a stop light when you are in the car or on the bus try contracting and holding your stomach muscles in. Bicep curl the shopping bags 10 times before you put them down when you get home. When you are waiting in a queue, clear you mind and take deep, slow breaths while thinking of your own positive mantra. Pay yourself by putting two dollars in an old fashioned piggy bank every time you work out and spend the money on a (non-food) treat every couple of months.

If you make tiny incremental efforts each and every day, they will eventually add up without you even noticing.


  1. I went to a really interesting talk for work on Obesity and Mental Health. What the Doctor was saying was that on average, a person will eat a million calories in a year. And it only takes 9000 extra calories to gain a horrendous amount of weight over that year.
    It was mind-blowing stuff. Frightening though.

    Love this post Katie!!
    S X

  2. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Good tips. I'm going to be more mindful about cutting back and adding in.

  3. You're starting to sound like a French woman now - and we know "french woman don't get fat"!

    So, what you're really saying is that instead of sneaking that extra gram of nut spread that I should actually take one off - damn!

    Hope you're having a fab week. See you soon!

  4. Great post! I am going to start the $2 per treadmill session. And then buy myself some new clothes in a smaller size because I will need some smaller to fit me from all the treadmilling woohoo.

  5. this is v good and i was thinking th exact same thing last pm well done on another ace post kep up the good work :)