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Monday, 11 August 2008

Mission Statement

What is your mission? What do you live for and what will you become? Your mission in life reflects who you are and defines how you will use your inner abilities. How will you have made a difference?

My Mission = Empowerment

I am a lean, healthy, joyful, athlete, modeling behaviours of strength and empowerment for other women.

I am a women who helps other women to have power
I model a life free from struggle, constraints and being ordinary
I inspire women to become strong and capable physically, emotionally and spiritually
I celebrate what empowered women can achieve

What is your one word mission - love, healing, peace, kindness, adventure, fun, security or something else?

Use that word in a statement about yourself that relates to your career, finances, relationship with yourself, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional health, relationship to others, community, learning, or physical surroundings.

Then write a few more statements that describe how pursuing your mission will make a difference in the world.

If you can, share it with the world!

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