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Friday, 8 August 2008

Self Acceptance

Does self acceptance mean I have to like what I see in the mirror no matter what?
Does self acceptance mean I have to admire, approve, applaud or be resigned to who and what I am right now?

My point of view is that self acceptance doesn't mean any of these things. Otherwise, I might never be able to experience self acceptance because there are so many things I want to improve.

Self acceptance means not being at war with reality, or with the facts. To accept ourselves is to accept the fact that what we think, feel and do are all expressions of ourselves at the time they occur.

If we feel the emotion of disappointment or dismay at what we see in the mirror, we need to acknowledge that feeling without judging it as good as bad. We shouldn't be finding another reason to beat ourselves up because we don't "like" what we see. Liking is not required. Seeing the truth and accepting it instead of fighting it, is what gives us the impetus and energy to change and grow.

You cannot overcome a fear you do not accept exists.
You cannot heal a pain you do not recognise as yours.
You cannot leave a place you have never been.

I need to accept my body, my thoughts, my emotions and my actions. I don't have to approve, admire or applaud any of these things. I just have to stop denying my experience.

If I breathe deeply and allow myself to experience self acceptance
- I will find non-destructive ways of getting what I want
- I will make peace with my body
- I will embrace discomfort
- I will celebrate the things I like about me
- I will not regard negative thoughts or feelings as another failure
- I will not punish myself
- I will not judge myself or others so harshly
- I will embrace truthfulness
- I will not hunger for something that food cannot satisfy
- My self disgust will dissolve
- I will accept the things I cannot change
- I will accept that wanting to change and improve doesn't mean I have failed at self acceptance
- I will allow myself to feel pain instead of rushing to make it stop
- I will feel worthy of the joy


  1. Profound and insightful, indeed.

    And an inspiration.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous3:48 am

    Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.