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Friday, 29 August 2008

New Books

Yesterday I received my book order from Amazon. My split personality is demonstrated by my choices.

There are 2 books on standard dieting, 2 books on anti-dieting, and 2 books on mental issues. Interestingly, the 2 mental books ;) are the ones I found most interesting.

The Pleasure Trap raises some interesting points about our biology and evolution. It does advocate vegan eating which may be a little difficult for a protein focused body builder, but the ideas about how we have lost our ability to regulate our appetite due to the ingestion of 'artificial' food and excess fat seemed to make sense to me.

I admit that I did try a meat/protein powder free breakfast this morning in the spirit of the book, but I didn't feel very satisfied. I had chicken and buckwheat for morning tea and feel much better now.

I am going to give no fake food a go. I haven't had any artificial sweetener today, and instead used some real honey on my breakfast. I know my carb count is going to go through the roof but I am trying it as an experiment. The Diet Coke will be sorely missed but I am going to give my body a fighting chance to do what it was designed to do in regulating how much energy I need to consume. That lasted all of 4 hours!

The Beck Diet Solution uses Cognitive Therapy strategies to reframe your thinking. Today is day two. I am going to work through the program and see what it uncovers. My sabotaging thoughts tell me this is no magic potion and won't "fix" me, but I have nothing to lose. My first two posts will follow this one later after I've spent some time in the sun reading.

Last night there was some unplanned eating during the day and at an Italian restaurant last night, but I showed more restraint than in previous times. I didn't eat until I was in pain and I didn't wake up with a food hangover. Some progress methinks.


  1. Hi Katie,
    I have the Beck Diet Solution - it's a really interesting read as is the other Martha Beck book "4 day win".


  2. I have The Beck Diet Solution too - but I hated it, it annoyed the crap out of me. Can't remember exactly why now, but I think it had a bit of a condescending tone?

    And while a lot of the statements she makes may be true for couch potatoes, I don't think they work too well for bodybuilders, or athletes in general. Whatever, I wanted to chuck it across the room.

    Maybe it just didn't have the answers I hoped it would and my expectations were all wrong...

  3. Have you gone four hours without no fake food before Katie?

    Lia xxx

  4. Katie you said:
    "but the ideas about how we have lost our ability to regulate our appetite due to the ingestion of 'artificial' food and excess fat seemed to make sense to me."

    I think we have lost our aility to regulate our appetite due to high sugar/carbohydrate intake which leads to high insulin levels. I don't think fat had much to do with it. We are eating the wrong fats - too much polyunsaturated and trans fats. Need to go back to the traditional healthy saturated fats.