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Friday, 29 August 2008

BDS Day #1

I am embarking on the Beck Diet Solution (BDS) and I will journal here all my assignments.

Day #1 - Get Ready, Lay the Groundwork
Once I continually remind myself of all the reason I want to become leaner, eating well will be easier.

Record the Advantages of Becoming Leaner (I don't lose weight - I just get leaner)
  1. I will pass the fitness test for my new job and be the leanest old girl there
  2. I will see my muscles more defined
  3. I will see my abs and have a flat stomach
  4. I will be able to run faster and do unassisted chinups
  5. I will be physically stronger and have more energy
  6. I will like myself more
  7. I will feel more in control
  8. I will increase my self esteem
  9. I will be happier when I look in the mirror
  10. I will conquer my cravings and the struggle will end
I will read my advantages response card at the following times:

- when I wake up
- before I go to sleep
- after each meal

My reminder system will be
- wearing my watch on my right hand


I created my Advantages Response Card
I listed these in my blog and wrote my other goals at the top of my blog
I implemented a reminder system

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