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Friday, 1 August 2008

Unofficial Start - Week Zero - 61 | 14.9%

I am corrected by Kek's comment about LBM not just being muscle but it still helps to look at the fat% rather than the scale number.

Competition weight
54.8 kg
6.3 fat
48.5 other stuff

61.0 kg
9.1 fat
51.9 other stuff

Difference = 2.8 kg of fat gain and 3.4 kg gain of other stuff (some of which I hope is extra muscle).

Knowing I am only carrying 2.8 kg of extra fat is much more heartening than thinking I have gained 6.2 kg of total blubber. This might explain why my pre-comp pants still don't fit me (too big).

I am going to adjust my calorie intake as I go along so that I only lose 250g of fat a week so it takes the full 12 weeks to be back where I want to be. Or if I get there earlier I will work on learning how to stay at the same weight until 1 November (now that will be a new experience!) when I will relax and eat like a madwoman normal person athlete in the off season.

I am heartened that it is not as bad as I thought. I hope my scales are telling the truth!


  1. I think your pants are backing up what the scales are telling you.

    The pants test never fails!

  2. 14.9% is pretty lean (it's about where I'm at now with a bit more weight because I'm taller). I can see my abs and have crazy vascularity in my arms. I love it, but don't think it's what I'll look like in the off season as I want to be a FHMF by next, next comp.

    If I were you I'd at maintainance, enjoy your training, but train hard, ditch the scales and use the pants, weekly photographs and tape measure instead. Even while I'm cutting I pay much more attention to my weekly photos than my scales.

    Most importantly believe in yourself; you are strong, fit and healthy.

  3. Anonymous12:16 am

    It's always great news to get confirmation that things are not nearly as bad as we fear they are!