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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

BDS Day #10

★ Went to the doctor this morning and had a blood test to check my hormone and thyroid levels
★ Got a referral to see a psychologist about my eating and body issues
★ Made an appointment to see said psychologist on Monday night
★ Banged out 4 x 10 pushups on my toes this morning
★ Went to the snack machine to get a snack and then left without getting anything
★ I weighed in at the doctors at 64kg fully clothed after breakfast - I saw 62.7kg on my scales first thing this morning
★ Although I've been slightly down today and almost invoked the extra 200 calorie rule tonight, I stuck to my eating strategy

Day #10 - Set a Realistic Goal

The book says to only set a 5 pound goal at a time - that's 2.5kg. I have just about lost that since Sunday. I am faintly suspicious that my body likes to be around 62kg and will settle there no matter what I do. If I have overeaten, the excess weight drops easily as soon as I am back on track and if I diet below that point, I bounce straight back up again as soon as I stop being strict with my food.

So in the spirit of doing what I am told, I am setting my first goal at 62.5kg and I will reward myself when I get there.


I read my Advantages Response Card at least twice.
I read other Response Cards as needed.
I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite
I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviours
I did spontaneous and planned exercise
I set a goal to lose 2.5kg


  1. Good on you for stepping away from the snack machine - that should be on your credit list!

  2. Anonymous8:15 am

    sounds like u are going great guns going to a psych is a vry good idea if you feel the need to talk to someone outside the square you live in :)

  3. Rather than a blood test a more effective method for checking your thyroid function is taking your underarm temperature upon rising and charting it. It should be within a certain range (36.2-36.8 I think) if it's lower on average thyroid function is reduced. Take note also of any changes due to TOM. A natropath or good chiro should be able to tell you more about this. Google give me this
    I love taking note of what I ate and seeing how it affects my thyroid. Coffee and potatoes are biggies for me.

  4. Great positive steps Katie, these are steps to be proud of.