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Monday, 15 September 2008

BDS Day #9

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★ Even though I slept in and missed my training this morning, I actually went to the gym tonight even after a visit to the dentist. My motivation was I didn't want to miss my goal on the sidebar so that worked! For my efforts I was pleasantly surprised to see Gorgeous Boy was taking my RPM class. He got to see me with my hair done and my makeup on instead of straight out of bed with bed-hair. I could actually perve see him as well because I had my contacts in. Evening classes are excellent because you can thrash yourself within an inch of your life because you can go straight home to bed if you need to. I am not particularly hungry right now either, and might just have oats for dinner as it counts as a post workout meal!
★ I did Day 1 Week 1 of Afterburn training yesterday and I have DOMS in my glutes and hamstrings. I love it when it doesn't feel like you are working particularly hard in the gym (although I was sweating a lot more than normal) and you are still rewarded with feeling it the next day.
★ I am happy today - it is warm, I have energy, I am eating appropriate amounts of healthy food, the internet is working on my laptop again, I am feeling relaxed and my cat gave me a huge cuddle. Today has been an excellent day. It's nice to get a break from feeling stressed once in a while.

Day #9 - Select an Exercise Plan

This task doesn't need much work for me but I am going to list the value of exercise just to remind me (and you) what I am doing for myself.

~ Exercise helps me eat healthy food - by proving that I can make training a habit, I remind myself that I can translate the same determination, consistency and enjoyment into healthy eating.
~ Exercise helps me control my appetite (not sure about this one ... )
~ Exercise boosts mood and soothes stress
~ Exercise burns calories
~ Exercise preserves (and builds) muscle tissue
~ Exercise builds confidence
~ Exercise makes me feel better physically
~ Exercise improves my health and helps prevent disease


I read my Advantages Response Card at least twice.
I read other Response Cards as needed.
I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite
I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviours
I did at least one spontaneous exercise today
I did planned exercise

Tip of the day -
(dedicated to Shelley)

When I have negative voices in my head telling me I'm fat, or I'm lazy, or I'm a failure, instead of saying "Stop" or "Shutup" or "F*ck Off" I say "The Sky is Blue".

The reason for this is because the words "Stop", "Shutup" etc. are negative thoughts as well. Reprimanding or scolding myself is nearly as damaging as the original thought. So instead, I think of something completely neutral.

If I can, I look up at the sky (if I'm outside) or out the window and marvel at the infinite wonder of the sky. Even if it is raining or it is dark, I know that the sky is still blue somewhere in the world.

This is enough to change my thought pattern to something else. Recently I have added an extra sentence.

"The sky is blue, and I have limitless potential".

You can tag on your own short affirmation to these 4 powerful words :

The sky is blue
... and I am successful
... and I will keep trying
... and I have amazing strength
... and I am wonderfully made

It didn't take long at all for this to become automatic every time a negative thought pops into my head.

What is your negative thought buster?

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  1. I've thought of you often today as I've said to myself a million times "the sky is blue".

    Thanks Katie. I can feel you hugging me!!