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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

BDS Day #6

Yesterday's Food: You have used 1622 out of your net daily budget of 1840 calories and have 218 calories remaining. 23% of the calories are from fat, 25% from protein, 52% from carbs
Yesterday's Credit:
★ Didn't eat pastries and cakes at a work afternoon tea
★ Had my lunch away from my desk
★ Stopped eating dinner half way through because I was full and finished it later
★ Smashed it in the gym

Day #6 - Find a Diet Coach

You guys are my support group. I report in here everyday so that it enough for me. All I need is at least someone, once a day, to give me some feedback preferably of the 'kick in the pants' style rather than the 'it's OK you're only human' style.


I read my Advantages Response Card at least twice.
I read other Response Cards as needed.
I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite
I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviours
I decided on a diet coach/support group

1 comment:

  1. No "kick in the pants" required for yesterday. Looks like you had a great day. I bet you're feelin' awesome for smashin' it in your training you FHMF!

    And all those carbs you lucky duck. There might be a surprise comin' your way today!