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Friday, 5 September 2008

A Short Diversion

The universe keeps speaking to me and I am compelled to listen.

For the past two days I have gone back on a diet. I have tried to shift my macros to 33/33/33 at each meal which means trying to get in more protein. As I am still not fussed about eating meat, and LB crunch is out of stock, I have been whey eating protein powder. Yesterday I had Surg3 before and after the gym because the 'diet' said I should. It is not working for me. I have digestive issues (smelly bottom burps) and I was hungry all day.

Then I read two interesting blogs yesterday - Sam and Skwigg have both found a way to eat healthy and stay lean. Both of these ladies have taken the direction I would like to go and it has worked for them. I just need to be brave enough to take the plunge.

SO, for now (until I decide to do something else again entirely) I am suspending the BDS process for a few days at least. I will try to blog each day, but calorie counts will not be reported. I am once again going to take small baby steps towards trusting myself and my instincts.

I need to give myself credit for the fact that I am a mature, intelligent woman who knows the kinds of food that make me feel energised and happy. I will not eat junk food continuously if I take away a structured diet. I like clean food. I will attempt to listen to my hunger and honour it rather than ignore it. I know I have tried this before without success but I am ready to try it again.


  1. You will probably not agree with me, but I think you need to give yourself a break! A break from dieting and presuring yourself meantally and trying to find the answers. They will come. Your body will settle where it functions it's best.

    Just train hard and enjoy it, eat clean foods and lots of protein, and rest well too!

    Best of luck - what ever you do just enjoy it, you have come such a long way.

  2. Hiya Katie, I tend to agree with Eve on this one. Don't be so hard on urself. For one, you are looking amazing!!

    Enjoy ur weekend.

    Tara xx