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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Katie's Kristmas Kindness

I am nervous about doing this because I don't want a bazillion google searches sending opportunist strangers to my blog so I will try to be as cryptic as possible without confusing you.

I don't have lots of friends or family to buy pr3sents for so I would like buy some pr3sents for my blogging friends. Let's call it Katie's Kristmas Kindness.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, have commented or are a follower, I would like to invite you to let me know what it is you really really need to keep you fit and healthy. Think of it as a virtual g1ft register.

It might be the joining fee for the gym, a new set of workout clothes because you are too small for your old ones, a huge tub of protein powder, or a massage.

Come up with your most interesting, bizarre, humorous or desperate idea and I will draw up my Kristmas Sh0pping List. You will need to blog about what you got afterwards because I'll be checking up to make sure you don't turn your pr3sent into M&Ms and v0dka!


  1. Wow katie this is a really lovely thing you are doing, It does feel very special to give though doesn't it. I hope you have a very wonderful christmas. xo

  2. Pick me, pick me!!

    I'll have either the pleasure of your company at my place or you can have the pleasure of my company at your place. I did ask Dave to buy me this for xmas but I think it's too hard for him to organise so I'll have to give a present "to me from me".

  3. What a fantastic idea.

    As for myself, some positive thoughts for new year is about all I need.

  4. Lindsey2:54 pm

    Hi! I don't need anything, but I do want to say you are very generous and I enjoy reading your blog. I am an American living in Melbourne and you keep me motivated to workout!

  5. You're a lovely person.

  6. hehehe that's easy...

    I want a set of calipers that only measure bodyfat % up to 10% which come as a matching set with some scales that do not go higher than 60kg LOL

    What are you hoping to get???

  7. Actually Katie there is something... I really need new Boobies :) im 26 and have boobs that look like marbles in the bottom of socks,lol. Maybe I could share some of Shelly's tee hee hee.

  8. Katie you're such a beautiful spirited person for this gesture. If only there were more people like you in this world, it would be a better place.

    Sorry for my absence during most of this year but I know you understand what with the loss of both my parents. But as you can see I'm back and plan on being more active in our blogging community. I'll be back and checking up on your more regularly from now on as you're inspire me. Not sure if you knew that or not but you do Katie. ;o)

    Lia xxx

  9. What a wonderful gesture!
    Personally I don't need anything...however-I have a favourite charity that we have been giving to for years...

    Christina Noble has an amazing story to tell-for anyone in the giving mood!

  10. Katie, i'm an avid follower of your blog. This is so sweet, enjoy the many blessings you have coming your way for this random act of kindness.


  11. Thank you for all the kind thoughts.

    Here's my list so far
    - lying by Shelley's pool
    - positive thoughts for Kathryn
    - workout mojo for Lindsay
    - Cherub dad comes to visit her
    - magic calipers and scales for Witchazel
    - boobies for Tiarna
    - inspiration for Lia (plus buckets of love and support for her xxx)
    - aid for Raechelle's kids in Vietnam and Mongolia
    - a box of protein bars for Julia's mom *joke* (she's giving up processed food so here's to success!)

  12. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you Katie!

  13. I love the idea you have going here! What a luv you are :)

    My request:

    I would like your contest diet :D

    You know - to figure out the secrets of the universe and all ....

  14. Ah Tanya,
    You need to visit her coach to find that out for yourself.

  15. Katie what a wonderful thing to do. Your inspiring blog is enough of an xmas gift for me!Hope you have a great holiday!

    (p.s though i have been wishing i could get some of that Organic Zero sweetener packets here in the UK...curse my sugar cravings!)

  16. Katie you are such an amazing woman! This is so thoughtful and generous of you.

    I hope the blessings are returned to you 100 fold.