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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Photo Shoot Challenge - T - 4 Weeks

Starting weight: 63.8
Last week: 63.7
This week: 62.6
Loss this week: ★ 1.1 kg
Total loss : 1.2
Left to lose: 3.8

I had forgotten how much pleasure you get from seeing the numbers go down in the course of a week. This huge loss (for me) TTOM assisted but I am still happy!

I have eaten well (I even ate out twice at the pub) and trained hard the last 6 days out of 7 and this morning I am sore all over.

I base my success on Fern's intervention - she gave me some nutrition and training ideas and most importantly the 'cordial cheat'.

I have a hard time drinking plain water and I normally only drink green tea to get my fluids in. This is not so easy in summer. At Fern's suggestion I have been putting a little sugar free cordial in my drink bottle. Since last Sunday I have been drinking at least 4 x 750ml bottles each day on top of my tea and 1-2 cans of diet coke. I don't count the calories.

Yesterday I trained arms, glutes and abs. A weird thing happened after my deadlifts (a personal best of 50kg). On the palm of my left hand I had a stinging sensation and took of my glove to see a vein in my palm completely blown out. I now have a large black bruise in my palm. Weird ...


  1. KATIE!!! Friggen Awesome babe!!! How fab! KEEP IT GOING!! Glad that the dash of cordial has helped with your H2O consumption - i know it helped me all through out my comp prep!
    Your nutritional plan must be working a treat!! YAY

    Oh when and where is this photo shoot?? I wanna come along and play!! ;)

  2. Fern - thanks honey. The photo shoot is in Brisbane on 12 December with Shelley and Nicole.

  3. Thats awesome katie,it is so good to see those numbers coming down isnt it!!!!!
    I dont think i have introduced myself to you before?
    I have been reading your blogs for a while now....
    so power on girl,

  4. Hooray! You're kickin' arse.

    When you're on a good thing stick to it I say. It's all working for you Katie so keep going. I want your hot bod next to me in a photo.

    Nice deadlift weight. Make sure you're squeezing that ass.

    Weird vein thing!

  5. Hey Katie,

    when prepping last year I relied on Bickfords Diet Lime to keep my H2O intake up. It was a bit sad having to leave the vodka out of it but you know we do what we have to do.

    :-) Magda

  6. hi, delurking here.

    i've been living in south korea the past year or so, where it gets really really hot in summer, and where the girls are quite health/diet conscious. a really popular and refreshing drink, available in all the corner stores, was iced green tea, sold in 600ml bottles. unlike the iced green tea here, it was completely unsweetened. literally, just cold green tea.

    if you like green tea, you may also like it cold. i just make up a big pot and put it in the fridge. so delicious!!!

    if you have a korean shop in your area (and most of the asian grocery stores in the sydney cbd these days are korean), go in and try one! ask them for help (if they aren't sure, the korean word is "nok cha". just check with them that you got a korean one with no sugar in it... the japanese/chinese ones are sometimes sweetened)

    hope this helps!

  7. Hi Skye - welcome and thanks

    Shelley - always squeezing!

    Magda - lime ... mmm not so much :)

    Deece - thanks for the great idea. I will try cold green tea and see if I like it (it doesn't really appeal when my cup of tea goes cold though!)