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Monday, 24 November 2008

The Warriors

There is a tribe of women who may be separated by geographical distance, but who all belong to the same tribe.

We are the Warriors.

We have come from a past that has been plagued by self loathing, disappointment and pain but we have emerged from that place with a fighting spirit in our hearts.

Our fight may have been going on for days, weeks or years, but every moment of every day we continue to fight to transform our past selves into better, stronger, indestructible versions of ourselves.

Our tools are not made of metal or wood, but our tools are the food we eat, pushing our physical bodies and being conscious beings who experience every moment with clarity and attention. We know how particular foods make us feel, how running or lifting energises us, and how our 'mad monkeys' need to be recognised and tamed.

We celebrate our individual and collective success and are quick to assist when another Warrior stumbles on their journey. We rejoice when we see hard lean muscle, flat washboard abs, smaller sized jeans and protruding purple veins. Our idea of beauty is colourful vegetables freshly picked and sweat stains down the back of a singlet.

Warriors know and recognise each other. When we meet we feel the presence of a kindred spirit. We all have 'plans' that we stick to, goals that we are working towards and accomplishments to reflect on.We thrive on change and life is a constant source of excitement because we never know what we will achieve tomorrow as a result of today.

We don't all look the same - some of us have rebounded, some of us are close to our goal, some are just taking the first shaky steps but none of us have ever got to the place where the fight has finished. Warriors are always looking for bigger shoulders, deeper cuts and unbridled energy. We realise that the joy is in the fight and not in the achievement. We battle because we know it makes us stronger in all areas of our lives. We never settle, because there is always a 'bigger' or a 'better'.

We are not to be confused with individuals we see in the gym who are vain and self absorbed because Warriors are as focused on the rest of the tribe as much as on ourselves. We share our secrets, our recipes and our failures because we hope to inspire, motivate and encourage those who are taking the same path as us. We listen to each other's stories and create a tribal history that all can share.

But most importantly, a Warrior never, ever, gives up. In our tribe there has been heartbreaking sadness, unbearable pain and insurmountable odds but Warriors never surrender. We continue to work towards a brighter future no matter what has happened to us. It is in our blood.

I am overwhelmingly proud to be a member of the tribe of Warrior Women.

Are you one of us?


  1. Yes, I think I am! Loved the reference to taming the monkey mind and yes-still searching for the "unbridled energy"!

  2. You betchya!! Another great post Katie!! xxx

  3. I think I am.

    S X

  4. Oh my God Katie - that was soooo beautiful. You are a deadset gorgeous woman whom I am honoured to have met and become the bestest of friends.

    What you have written is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!

  5. very muc h part of the tribe, and will try and help any member to achieve their goal.. cause that's what tribes/families do

  6. Kia Kaha - stand strong!

  7. "We realise that the joy is in the fight and not in the achievement." I think this is sometimes what really makes the difference - it did for me anyway. Essie