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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Another Eye Doll Hits the Dust

This is my 6th Eye-doll [for the non-Australians - a TV show that has it's grand final at the Wh1te Sa1ls Asylum]. I can remember every single one and almost all of them have ended in tears. Tears for crappy eating decisions when I am tired and hungry.

This year was just as tough as the other 5, if not tougher.

(a) gale force winds threatened to shut us down
(b) unseasonable cold and wet weather all day
(c) everything happened outside so I was on my feet in the weather for about 10 hours
(d) I don't get to take scheduled meal breaks
(e) I am constantly on call and need to monitor every single thing that happens for at least 6 hours straight
(f) the scales showed a 1.1 kg gain this morning for no apparent reason (except too much salt yesterday)
(g) I couldn't train this morning because I left for work at 7-30am

How did I do on this highly stressful traditionally off plan day?

0700 protein pancakes with maple syrup
1030 protein bar
1230 100g pork and slice cheese on a Oopsie Waffle (this is the original recipe to which I added a scoop of protein powder and cooked in my waffle maker and they looked a bit like this - mine came out to about 68 calories each and are eaten either as normal waffles or as a bread substitute)
1430 philly cream cheese on a Oopsie Waffle
1630 protein bar
1830 nuts
2000 container of roast veges
2030 slice cheese on a Oopsie Waffle
2330 Oopsie Waffle with maple syrup

Calories: roughly (couldn't wait to decipher the veges so didn't log them) 1400-1500. Not the most glorious nutritious food choices but pretty damn good for eating on the run all day.

Now all that is left to do is get my arse to the gym tomorrow morning which might be a little more difficult than usual as it is w-a-y past my bedtime and I'm still on the internet.

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  1. You smashed it Katie. Well done. Was thinking about you all night when watching a little on the tv. No doubt you're still running around this morning wrapping up and then hopefully you can slow down for the next couple of weeks before coming to P-A-R-T-Y with the girls.