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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

4 year anniversary

Tomorrow, 1 January 2009, it will be the 4th anniversary of my New Year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape. When I began my journey I never expected to be where I am today - a size 8 gym addicted figure athlete at 44 years old.

The reason for this post is to celebrate the fact that I have been on this amazing journey for 4 years and I have lost and KEPT OFF 20 kilos that I had carried round for 25 years. This puts me in the elite 5% of people who lose weight and keep it off.

Although the odds of keeping your New Year's resolution are more than slim, you can still beat them. I did.

I was overweight my whole life, I never ate breakfast, I hated vegetables and I had never had a gym membership or participated in any sport. Yet, somehow, I completely transformed my habits, my thoughts and my priorities. On paper, I never should have made it - but I did.

And so can you.

(Oh my god I never should have posted that photo - I've just had an overwhelming urge to compete again after being positive I was done with it. I want to look like that again, this time with more muscle and less fat. Oh oh, I think I'm in trouble!)


  1. Miss K, You should be so proud of yourself. I am of you!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Count me in that 5% too babes, it's been 2 and a half years for me.

    You're an amazing inspiration for us all.

    S X

  3. You are amazing and bring hope to many others. Be proud of yourself! Have a wonderful New Year!

  4. You're one awesome chick! Check out your friggin' back. This is the first comp photo I've seen. You should be very proud of yourself Katie and yes you did make it. Love you.

    Still got the shits?

  5. You are true inspiration Katie, the person that introduced me to the world of figure athletes through another forum & your blog. No I don't have any desire to compete, but I do have a desire to have muscles. It was through all these blogs that I realised I wasn't a nut for loving lifting heavy weights, and that I could if I wanted to. After fighting one of the trainers at the gym to go above the pink dumbell size, I found an online trainer and was off. Unfortunately it hasn't worked - my problem not his, but I am about to embark on a new journey and I after accepting that I make the choices & the excuses, I made me fat, no one else, I feel this year I will suceed.

  6. You have done a great job, and very inspriational. If you can do it then I sure can... Mine is a much slower pace, but I will get there. I would love to see before and now photos, but only if you feel comfortable...

  7. Happy Anniversary Katie,
    It was so much fun working with you this year but even better developing a great friendship.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you kick some butt in 2009 in whatever it is that you choose to challenge yourself with.


  8. Congrads on your successes girl! Have a great New Year..looks like we are going to see some more figure shots-hmmmmm? Cheers!