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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

BFFM Day 8 Carb Up

Weight : 62.7 - I can't believe it either - a gain of only 200g!
Training : 40 min Cardio Coach #3 intervals on treadmill

Treats yesterday included muesli and yogurt with my oats and protein powder, extra rice cakes and cream cheese, 2 x hash browns with BBQ sauce, licorice bullets and chocolate freckles, and an unplanned sausage [don't be rude!] which was the reason for a little too much fat (I SAID don't be rude!].

The reason I didn't have a spike this morning could be something to do with the change in the way I executed my carb load yesterday.

I was listening to another Fitcast yesterday with John Berardi of Precision Nutrition fame and he gave me an idea about high calorie/cheat kind of days. He says the trick is to get all you normal nutrition in first and then add your treats/junk on top. There is no reason to get bogged down with eating 'clean' all the time but you should add your junk after your healthy food. He spoke of a guy who a achieved a lean bulk up by simply adding chocolate milk to each normal healthy meal in order to raise his calorie level.

So yesterday I roughly stuck to my basic meal plan and then just added extras - muesli with my oats, a few extra rice cakes, hash browns with my protein and salad and lollies after I had just eaten lunch - not as a meal/snack in themselves.

This seems to be a much better approach than the 'eat junk all day long' approach, the 'eat a chocolate bar instead of my afternoon snack' approach or the 'eat nothing until my cheat meal' approach for a variety of reasons.

- you eat less quantities of the junky food if you have already had a healthy meal
- you have slow digesting protein and fat in your system which minimises the carb/sugar spike
- you aren't hungry all day and constantly foraging for something to fill you up
- you feel better physically with proper fuel in your system

It's like you have to eat your vegetables before you get your dessert. You need to get in your nutrition (comes from the word nurture), take your supplements and drink your water before you get to eat shit (comes from the word crap). Eat your Magnum straight after your stir fry chicken, rice and veges and not on its own instead of one of your planned meals and I bet you won't feel like you "just need something else".

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  1. Woo hoo!

    Fark you're funny! I laughed at your sausage and fat joke!

    What you say makes a lot of sense after the day I had yesterday.