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Monday, 29 December 2008

Review - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto
E Book - 312 pages long
Price US $39.95 with money back guarantee
Burn the Fat Website

1. Goal setting
2. Why diets fail
3. Body composition
4. Charting your progress
5. Metabolic individuality and your body type
6. Calorie balance
7. Meal frequency and timing
8. Macronutrient ratios
9. Good fats vs bad fats
10. Protein
11. Clearing up carbohydrate confusion
12. How to get as lean as a bodybuilder
13. Why water is essential for fat loss
14. The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle eating plan
15. Supplements
16. Cardio training secrets
17. Weight training
18. Conclusion

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Position on ~
CALORIES - calories count - uses the weight in pounds x 12-13 as the down and dirty calculation for women fat loss calorie requirements
MACROS - carbohydrates levels are chosen according to sensitivity. Moderate protein and moderate good fat.
CARDIO - is necessary for endomorphs (people who easily gain weight). Moderate state and HITT are both recommended
STRENGTH TRAINING - standard bodybuilding options - full body, upper lower split, push pull split - choice depends on experience

Why should you buy Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle?
Lots of information on mental training, visualization and individualization (not a one size fits all program).
Written by a body builder so gives 'pre competition' type diets as well as lifestyle plans.
It aims to preserve muscle tissue while burning off fat rather than just scale loss.

Why shouldn't you bother?
This is no magic potion or extreme rapid weight loss plan.
You need to be prepared to weigh and measure your food and count calories/macros.
You need to be prepared to observe nutrient timing
You need to train and do cardio
The level of manipulation and detail is not necessary for someone who is just starting out or has a lot of weight to lose. You could still use the program but you might find it a lot of messing around if you are not a seasoned dieter.
If you flip out when you see the scales spike seriously after a carb loading day then this is not for you.

How am I doing Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle?
Carb/Calorie cycling - 3 down days, 1 up day.
Down - 1400 calories, 40g fat, 157g protein, 103g carbs [24/45/30]
Up - 1800 calories, 40g fat, 135g protein, 225g carbs [20/30/50]
5 meals a day - no starchy carbs after meal #3 on down days
I include - low fat cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, ricotta, lean chicken, turkey, seafood and beef, nuts, nut butter, all fruit and vegetables, protein bars, protein powder, oats, rice, diet icecream, diet maple syrup, artificial sweetner in my tea. All other treats on up day only.
I exclude - wheat

How is it going? [Note: I have only been on this diet eight (8) days]
I am not quite managing 6 days of cardio just yet probably because of the holidays.
Lower carb days blunt my appetite and make the low calories easier to deal with.
Lower carb level is adequate to sustain my energy and mood.
Higher carb/calorie days come around quickly and the extra calories mean I can manage a few treats which prevents me from feeling deprived.
My meal timing is still a little off - I have a big breakfast and then I am not hungry until lunch. I normally have two snacks in the afternoon and a light dinner.
Still working on getting in all that water.
It seems doable for the long term with increased calories once I lose a bit of fat.
I haven't felt the need to go 'off plan'
I have lost 1 kilo in 8 days which is double my usual weight loss rate (0.5kg a week)

Who would I recommend Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle for?
Anal type people who love to weigh, measure, log and track everything.
Off season fitness athletes who have partied too hard and have more fat than they'd like.
People who don't want to eat exactly the same things in the same quantities day after day.
People who need more food choices than just 'lean and green'.
People who run out of energy on traditional low carb/ketogenic diets.
Scale watchers who can accept huge fluctuations without freaking out.
'Normal' weight people who want to get shredded.

Where can I get Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle?
Click here to get your copy.


  1. haha i thought it was a DVD at first- i was thinking "they cover all that?!"

    Kelly Turner

  2. Thanks Katie, you're a real gem. I think I'll be adding this to my growing collection of e-books. We can never have to much information now can we.

    Lia xxx
    Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)