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Monday, 1 December 2008

A Head Start

The first of the month is always a good day to start a new goal and especially good if it falls on a Monday.

Sometimes it is easy to write off the whole year and say "I'm heavier than I was at the beginning of this year, I may as well enjoy this last month, indulge at Christmas and NYE and start afresh on 1 January".

But what if you gave yourself a head start on your new year resolution. Even a partial commitment would make a difference.

If you are wanting to lose weight in 2009, and normally aim for 1kg a week, just halve that effort for this month and you'll have already lost 2kg by the time Jan 1 rolls around.

Or what about going hard for the next three and a bit weeks - that is just 24 days - and then relaxing a bit on Christmas Day and New Years Eve? At worst you'll come out even and at best you will be lighter than you are today.

Think about training an extra day or two a week for the next three weeks so that you can take a week off at Christmas and do nothing.

Even if you only decide to do something small, you will be ahead of the 'ordinary folk' who leave it all to the new year when they are tired, bloated and hungover. If you take on a bigger challenge, you could be well on the way to your new year's goal before the year even starts!


  1. Totally agree with the "head start" approach Katie. Thats why I kicked off in November and have a month under my belt already, not to mention a decent drop on the scales anbd a much happier me. Bring on December, I say!!



  2. I am with Magda. Give yourself that head start. Enjoy the holidays and relax for a few days knowing you BUSTED it.

    New Year's Goals are tough because it is after the holidays and it can be depressing...and then to have to change your eating and work out habits? Tough.

    So go get a head start - bring it on!

  3. this is an excellent idea. sadly, though, december means mince pies... and shortbread... and fruit cake. oh look at that. three of my favourite foods all at once.


  4. Good advise as usual, Katie

  5. Too funny, we're really on the same page with this! I like to hit it really hard from Thanksgiving to Christmas - it's better for my mental AND physical health to start out the New Year feeling that I'm already up and running.