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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Photo Shoot Challenge - T - 2 Weeks

Starting weight: 63.8
Last week: 62.1
This week: 62.0
Loss this week: ★ 0.1 kg
Total loss : 1.8
Left to lose: 3.2

See Katie lose 3.2 kilos in 2 weeks - yeah right!!

A bit disappointed with this weeks result but at least it wasn't a gain. I look leaner and my stretch jeans are no longer fitting my thighs or my bum - they are slightly baggy - so I am ignoring Satan's Spawn [scales] for the moment and just continuing doing what I am doing.

Curiously my boobs look bigger (no I am not pregnant thanks for wondering). I think eating more fat in my diet helps my girly hormones to work properly - I can tell precisely when I ovulate and I seem to keep my womanly shape more while I lean out. Oh and I also have the makings of a decent bum thanks to Liz showing me the secret of glute activation.

All and all I am happy with where I am right now. Mostly because in the month of November I have
(a) lost nearly 2 kilos
(b) haven't binged once
(c) haven't been exhausted, emotional or continuously hungry

And besides, every girl knows a small loss this week provides the opportunity to lose a huge amount next week!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Katie

    Have been following your blog recently. I really enjoy your postings! Is that your picky in the blog header? WOW!

    I really wanted to ask you...those secret glute activation exercises...are they really secret? I'd love to know how to get a muscular, shapely butt.

    The weight loss thing does your head in, I'm sure. I had a recovery week a couple of week's ago because I had been overtraining. Had to up my carbs too, and what do you know...lost 900g. The week before I had only lost 100g. Then just got back from holidays. Had my first cheat meal (s) in 5 weeks, only did 2 weight sessions, and lost 1kg! Go figure!

    Anyway...would definitely like to know about 'glute activation'. Very curious...

    Ciao for now...Kerry :)