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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

So Far - Loving It - AD 2:5

Weight ... 62.2
Fat ... 117 ... 65%
Protein ... 112 ... 28%
Carb ... 27 ... 7%
Cals ... 1598

Alicia and Jessica have asked and I will answer.

I am absolutely loving the Anabolic Diet and I am seeing real results in the way I look which is worth far more than anything Satan's Spawn has to say (the scales).

Here is my research thesis 3 weeks into the experiment.

I think there are 2 types of dieters. Those who can eat complex carbs and thrive on them and those who don't. I don't know if there is any way to easily tell which type you are but I have some of my usual whacky ideas.

People who thrive on carbs may be
(a) those who have only developed weight issues in the recent past
(b) those who LOVE alcohol
(c) those who LOVE cardio
(d) those who have a distinct area where they put on weight (tummy or hips/thighs only)
(e) those who could never survive very long without fruit
(f) those who love real chocolate, ice cream and lollies and struggle to give them up
(g) those who are happy to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day

People who can live without carbs may be
(a) those who have had a weight problem all their lives
(b) those who aren't that keen on alcohol
(c) those who aren't that keen on cardio
(d) those who put weight on fairly uniformly all over their body (more hourglass shape)
(e) those who could never survive very long without cheese
(f) those who find low sugar versions of chocolate, ice cream and lollies more than enough to satisfy the odd sweet craving
(g) those who are happy to eat 3-4 larger meals a day

The good carb metabolisers do best with low fat and balanced protein and carbs. They enjoy the energy and buzz that carbs give them and feel lethargic without them.

The good fat metabolisers do best with high fat and low carbs. They are anxious types who enjoy the calmness and evenness of low carb and feel hungry and irritated when they include carbs in their diet.

SO ... I would recommend that you only try this diet if you are able to give up fruit, complex carbs and alcohol quite easily. If you prefer cheese to pasta then you will probably do well. And don't forget that you can eat all the oats, sweet potato, rice and fruit you want 1-2 days a week. If raisin toast is really just a vehicle for slabs of melted butter then you are probably a good fat metaboliser.

The one caution is not to make this into a low fat, low carb affair. No skinless chicken breasts and or egg whites. You have to have dark chicken meat, fatty fish, red meat and whole eggs. Plus a good supply of nuts, seeds and oil. You can add moderate amounts of cheese and cream if you keep it within your calorie limit. There is nothing more miserable than no fats and no carbs!

Another piece of advice is try to avoid frankenfood. I have given up my beloved protein bars and even protein powder in favour of whole foods. The only thing I eat that has been 'processed' is cheese and cream (and the odd Skinny Cow).

You also have to be an accountant when it comes to keeping your carbs at 30g a day. You have to count everything including tea (vanilla green tea has carbs), diet coke, splenda and cordial.

What does my low carb eating day look like:
B: pancakes made from 1 whole egg, 2 whites, ricotta and psyllium served with butter and low carb ice cream
L: chicken thigh or 1/4 chicken with almonds and cream cheese + green salad (sometimes)
S: nuts and cheese
D: meat and veges

If I get hungry I have more meat, or cheese or nuts. If I go higher one day in calories I usually find I under eat the next day (just like a 'normal' person). I drink lots of green tea, a couple of cans of diet coke and at least 3 x 750ml bottles of water with a splash of low sugar lime cordial.

My exercise routine is rather more free-form. At the moment my goal is to train 1 body part per day if it is not sore from previous exercise. I favour working my back and shoulders as their growth makes the most difference to my shape.

M: Legs = deadlifts and squats
T: rest if my back and shoulders are still sore from Monday (deadlifts make me sore everywhere). If I'm not sore I'll do shoulders = press, upright rows, reverse flyes, cable pulls
W: Back = underhand pull down, wide grip pull down, rows, back extensions
Th: Chest = press, flyes, pushups, pec machine (only needs maintenance so doesn't matter if I am a bit tired by this day. If things are too much I rest again because I'll hit my chest on Friday anyway).
F: Upper body depletion before carb refeed - Chest, Back, Tricep, Bicep and Shoulders supersets
S: Off
S: Off

I fully deplete before my carb up to make sure the carbs go directly into my muscles and I let them rest and grow. I don't use the carb load to smash my body straight away. I let things 'cook' over the weekend and go back to the gym on Monday.

I also do a lot of incidental walking (I don't have a car) and I do yoga a couple of times a week.

Carb loads are all complex carbs, no deliberate protein (only incidental from the carbs) and low fat. I use my fat allowance on treat carb/fat foods like chocolate or chips. I eat frequent small meals on this day. I have only done one refeed so I am no expert.

There you go. Embark on this journey at your own risk!


  1. KatieP - Your dedication to working all of this out is incredible! For me I'm too carb/ alcohol loving... I can see how it works so well for you though. x

  2. Great to hear that your doing well, one thing I wanted to mention is, which I think is really important is that if you put most of your weight on around your tummy then carbs are bad and you would really benefit from a low carb diet and exercise the most.

    One of the big obvious signs that a person is insulin resistant is the big tummy and skinny legs so low carb is really important for their health in regards to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease.