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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Thin Enough Facebook Page and Group

I've been thinking about starting a discussion forum for a little while but didn't want to go the whole hog with software and hosting just yet.

As a baby step, I have set up a connected Facebook Group called Thin Enough to go to the Gym. The idea is to post information about all the different diets and training programs we have tried and discuss them. Because there is so much information out there, I thought it might be interesting for there to be one place where you can search out which program might suit you without having to try them all individually.

The group is by invitation only, so please send me a request to join the group [you have to be a member of Facebook but it is quick and easy] and you'll be more than welcome.

Also, if you want pointless status updates and weirdo snippets of my life, please search for me on Facebook as Katie P Thin Enough or click on my profile over there --> and send me a friend invite. As much as I love my blog, I would like to connect with you all a little closer and a bit less formally. Hopefully, this is the perfect solution.


  1. Hi Katie
    Yes can you sign me up please.

  2. Sarah - you'll need a Facebook profile and then send the request from there.x

  3. Dave just walked in and seen me looking at your facebook page and said "you're not joining Facebook now are you?"

    Might get you to do it all for me when I'm down there and show me the ropes.

    PS You're smashing the f*@kers too. So glad you're feel fab again.

    Love your 2009 goals too. 2009 is going to be the best year eva!