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Monday, 5 January 2009

BFFM Day 14 Carb Down

Weight : 61.8 kg
Training : Chest press, lat pull down, front squats, upright rows, bosu crunches + 20 min 1:1 intervals cross trainer
Week #1 target : 8 Jan ~ 62.0kg
Month #1 target : 29 Jan ~ 60.5kg

All is right again with the world. A restful rejuvenating sleep in my own bed, a long overdue toilet event and control over my food equals a 1 kilo drop overnight and a lower weight than when I went away. I am still amazed at the way the fat is literally melting away even with two crappy high carb days in a row but I am not complaining!

My monthly goal is broken down into weekly targets and I have already passed the first - 62.0 by 8 January. It is such a nice change to be doing so well at long last.

To all of you who are beginning a new journey today on the first Monday in January, I wish you the best of luck. As my good friend Liz says, it is all cumulative. You don't need perfection, you just need to do something healthy each and every day. Whether that is a training session, a long walk or eating more whole food than processed, it all adds up. Something is far far better than nothing.

Make building strong ingrained healthy habits the purpose of your new life and the improvement in the size and shape of your body will become just a happy consequence.

Mr Katie and me at the wedding - check out those triceps!

1 comment:

  1. You f$#kin beauty! Smashin' it sista! Good for you - I'm sooo excited for you.

    You made me smile and laugh at your long overdue loo event. Poopin' out the fat I say - hehehe

    Only 2 more sleeps!

    You look absolutely stunning. And can I say "bitch - bigger triceps than me" (LOL)