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Sunday, 4 January 2009

BFFM Day 13 Carb Down

Food Total : Unknown

Weight : 62.8 kg
Training : rest
Goal #1 : 29 Jan ~ 60.5kg
Amount left to goal ~ 2.8kg

Yesterday was a disaster but I learned a valuable lesson. I "saved up" my calories for the wedding reception and then was starving by the time we got served any food. I then found myself unable to resist the cheesecake and wedding cake and the rest of the day degenerated into crappy eating ending with chips and ice cream last night. I should listen to my own advice and eat my planned meals and then my 'off plan' stuff. I should also get straight back on plan when I f*ck up and not try to miss meals afterwards to compensate.

I only registered a 100g increase from the day before, but definitely not a carb down day anywhere near 1400 calories. I couldn't log my food which made it all the more disastrous.

I feel decidedly sick today and have eaten completely low carb. If I can't drop any water weight after today and tomorrow I will re-consider my carb up on Tuesday. It may be difficult to achieve anyway because I am having dental surgery on Tuesday so I will be drugged out for most of the day and probably not really interested in getting in all that food. I will see how I feel.

It is nice to be back home, and back to routine. It is very difficult to do this plan when you can't choose your own food.

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  1. So funny....I ALWAYS have the same thing happen when I wait too long to eat. I start making really bad choices. Next thing I know, I am eating things I shouldn't. We aren't's how we make choices next time that get us to our end result! :)