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Saturday, 3 January 2009

BFFM Day 12 Carb Up

Food Total
Unknown (couldn't get CK to work at the hotel for some reason)

Weight : 62.7 kg
Training : 25 min swim
Goal #1 : 29 Jan ~ 60.5kg
Amount left to goal ~ 2.7kg

Not a very clean carb up and difficult because I couldn't weigh or log my food. Extra carbs were an apple and cinnamon muffin, crackers and cheese, a skinny cow and a packet of chippies. The rest of the day's eating was fine but I had more food than normal because I was particularly hungry. There wasn't enough salad or vegetables on offer at the relative's house and the meals were few and far between (how do normal people survive on such small amounts of food??).

I suspect the largish weight spike is mostly salt (ham off the bone, brie and chips). I estimate that I ate more than 1800 calories but I probably needed it.

Wedding day today. Another challenge in itself, but hopefully there is grilled/baked chicken/fish on offer.

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  1. KATIE!!!!

    Long time no comment - but wanted to say that your pics are just simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

    Hope to see you and Shelley this week!!

    Fernster x