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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Chest Strap Made Smaller - Carb Up

Weight : 15.7% ~ 9.7/52.1 = 61.8 kg
Training : 5 x 8 - pulldowns/leg press : 5 x 8 - bent over rows/deadlifts + treadmill incline power walk 25 min
Time : 1 hour 13 min ~ Calories : 590 ~ AHR : 131 bpm (74%)
Month #1 target : 31 Jan : 14.9% ~ 9.10/52.0 = 61.1 kg

I am sick of counting the days I am on BFFM because I am pretty much adopting this as my new lifestyle nutrition plan and it seems ridiculous to count the days for the rest of my life. From now on I will try and think of some different titles for my boring old food/training/weight posts.

There will be some huge progress this cycle because I am starting with such a small refeed spike (only 0.5kg) and TTOM arrived this morning (explains why I was so cranky and hungry yesterday). Monthly weigh in scheduled for Friday morning as that is high carb day. I know I can hit 14.9% before the end of the week.

Even if I say so myself, my arms look freaking awesome this morning. I have separation between my deltoids and biceps and between my chest and front delts. Can't wait to see them with a bit less of the fat covering them. Also my gym singlets that used to hug my body are now hanging straight down and not even touching the sides and I had to make my HRM chest strap smaller today.


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  1. Yeah...Woohoo! You go girl! You'll have to post some 'progress pics'.

    Ciao...Kerry :)