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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sucking it up like She Hulk

Weight : 15.2% ~ 9.36/52.24 = 61.6 kg
Training : 5 x 8 - military press/crunches : 5 x 8 tricep dips/hip raises + Elliptical intervals 2:1 x 25 min
Time : 1 hour 19 min ~ Calories : 625 ~ AHR : 130 bpm (74%)
Month #1 target : 31 Jan : 14.9% ~ 9.10/52.0 = 61.1 kg

False alarm re: TTOM. Still shitty and my fat cells are shrieking but it is what I signed up for - I'm sucking it up. I want to look like a goddess so I am paying the price. A bit of hunger won't kill me and I'd still be shitty whether I was fat or lean and I'd rather be lean.

Sucking it up like She Hulk.


  1. I like your attitude She Hulk.

    There's a discrepancy with your weight - 61.6 in your table or 61.7 in your post? See, I do take notice.

  2. Refresh the page Shelley - I re-weighed after an unexpected licorice tea result and went down 100g LOL

  3. Me too - the tea not the re-weigh! In fact two! (hehehe)

  4. Hey Katie
    Can you tell me how to get a nice looking chart, such as yours, on my blog? Looks like a loverrrly excel kinda thingy.
    I want to log my running bits on it.

    Shar x