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Friday, 27 February 2009

No Comments = No Title

Weight : 14.5% ~ 8.67/51.13 = 59.8 kg
Training : step ups/reverse crunch : one arm rows/DB press : bicep curls/tricep extension : glute machine/pull throughs + 10 min jog
Time : 1 hour 33 min ~ Calories : 605 ~ AHR : 117 bpm
This target : 27 Feb : 13.6% ~ 8.11/51.49 = 59.6 kg missed it - whatever
Next target : 3 April : 11.8% ~ 6.80/50.8 = 57.6 kg

You all must hate me and my big arse because no one comments anymore.

Crying Into Tissue

If this PMT doesn't let up soon I am going to be getting even more self pitying and annoying so read at your own risk. Lucky Shelley the super lean, strong and gorgeous muscle woman is here to prevent me devouring the contents of the pantry! It was wonderful to train with my girls at the gym this morning [Fern and Shelley].

Yes it's carb up day but I just want burgers and chips and raisin toast. Not going to help in the fat arse department.


  1. Lindsey12:10 pm

    Katie! Please keep writing, cause a lot of us are lurkers! I check your website every morning! Not getting cut yet, but after your advise I'm keeping up the motivation. Lost about a kilo in the past 2.5 weeks and about a centimeter on hips and 1.5 centimeters on waist, so that's something. Thanks for your help, and keep up the awesome work!

  2. I LOVE your big arsed blog and I will track you down and give you a big kick up it if you dare to stop writing ;)

  3. hates you....that's just the "PMT paranoia" talking... I get it all the time.

    I read every day, I can just be too lazy to comment.

  4. If you're going to have a big arse, make it a big muscly one.

  5. I've read every single post you've ever written and I read it every day and I don't even know you.

  6. Noone comments on my blog..LOL Maybe everyone is commented out

  7. hey Katie, I am another one, I read pretty much every day, but tend to not have much time to comment anywhere atm.

    I think you're doing a fantastic job and i very much doubt there is anything remotely big and fat about ur butt!! enjoy ur time with

  8. Katie - I'm enjoying following your journey, just don't always have time to comment. Keep it up!

  9. Hey buddy,
    I'm here, and yes I am a naughty girl for not commenting, but I am reading.

    By the way, your last post had made me think, but after personal reflection, I couldnt corelate (spelling??) my being 'sick lean' and being any more sick than when I am normal to fat. So, wasnt sure what to think???


  10. Hi Katie,

    De-lurking to let you know I really appreciate your writing and hope you never stop.

    I'm trying to muscle up and lose fat myself. I would like to compete next year, but if things don't improve, that just wont happen. I don't know why it's all going so slow, but reading that you have times where you struggle to push through really gives me the strength to keep at it, too. Thank you for that, by the way.

    And good for you for changing your life. I really respect that. xx