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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Note to Self

When I feel hungry ... it is my fat cells shrinking

When I feel sick and tired ... it is my fat releasing toxins into my system before it melts away

When I want to chuck it all in ... I remember how far I've come and just hang on for one more day

When I feel uncomfortable because my stomach is empty ... I remember how painful and soul destroying it is to be stuffed full of food and out of control

When I doubt that it's worth it ... I look in the mirror and remember that no-one looks like me without paying a price

When I struggle to find a reason to keep going ... I remember that you are watching and resolve not to let you down

When I think I've got it tough ... I think of how wonderful my life is in comparison to others in the world

When I start whinging and boring everyone to death on my blog ... I remember to SUCK IT UP LIKE SHE-HULK.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... behold SUCKING IT UP!


  1. Wow I love that post.

    I am tempted to print out to remind myself when I am feeling hungry or stressed and wondering if it is all worth it...

    Thanks Katie

  2. Yeah - suck it up She Hulk!

    And I AM watching you!

  3. Nice note to self. Sounds like me and one of my many personalities having a conversation in my head Katie. LOL!!

  4. Wow. That is some determination! No wonder you have done so well.

    I was bit uncomfortable about the feeling sick and tired part... but I guess that is conscious choice to let your body put up with that.

  5. NOW THAT is an awesome post!!! I am going to put that somewhere. Thanks for that, its just what I needed today.