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Monday, 2 February 2009

Pass the Padded Push Up Bra

Weight : 15.7% ~ 9.56/51.34 = 60.9 kg
Temperature = 36.1
Training : 8 x 4 - deadlifts/leg curl/back extensions : squats/leg press : calf raises + gym stairs
Time : 1 hour 15 min ~ Calories : 582 ~ AHR : 128 bpm (73%)
Next target : 15 Feb : 14.2% ~ 8.56/51.74 = 60.3 kg

A drop in scale weight and a rise in BF% could look like I am losing LBM and gaining fat. I refuse to believe it. It is the trend not the day to day results I need to base my progress on. I am in the 60s at last so hopefully I have got past my sticking point and it is easy to lose territory from here on in.

SweatyThe airconditioning in the gym wasn't working this morning and it was leg day fully carb depleted. It was very hot and uncomfortable. I couldn't do my cardio inside so I ran up and down the steps near the gym until I had expended 500 calories for the session.

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  1. You got it all going on girlfriend!