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Monday, 2 February 2009

Working It

Miss N's comment about the Biggest Losers Couples starting their 'journey' got me thinking about if weight loss and maintenance is really any kind of journey at all? A journey has a destination and it implies that once you reach the destination all the 'journeying' part is over. You wouldn't got on holidays to an island and spend two weeks re-enacting the taxi ride to the airport, the flight over, the collection of your suitcases and the check-in to the hotel. You get there, you've arrived and you relax and enjoy yourself.

To me, losing weight and maintenance is like my actual job. I don't count off the days on my calendar until the day my job is completed. I don't imagine a future where everything I have to deal with at work is taken care of, and I have nothing left to do. I don't bargain with myself that I only have to work hard at my job for a few short months and then I can just relax and just cruise along after that.

I go to work because I am challenged every day, I experience high levels of satisfaction when I have worked hard and have done a good job, and getting paid for working allows me to spend my recreation time in any way I want.

Getting lean and fit is my second job. I am challenged every day to burn more calories, lift heavier weights, eat healthy energising food and connect with my body. I experience high levels of satisfaction when I have worked hard and made good decisions (even the ones about resting!). The reward for this job is the ability to spend my life happy and healthy in a small pair of jeans/shorts. If I don't put in the effort, I don't get paid.

I am not spending my time on a journey that is taking me to some Utopian destination. I am just doing my job. I am 'working it' every day.

So tonight, every time you hear the word 'journey' during the Biggest Loser, jump up out of your chair and do 10 push ups shouting at the top of your voice "it's not a journey, it's a job!".


  1. Love this Post katie...... Yes i agree its a constant Job and i DONT get paid if i dont work at it.....Love it...Well said,
    skye :)

  2. Work it, own it, use it OR lose it and be fat!

    This is our life and what makes us feel good about our very existence.

    We're workin' class girls!

  3. Exactly! Sometimes I've wished it was just a 'journey' and would be over at say 57 kilos.. but in all honesty I love the full time job of being fit and healthy.

  4. Hey, I just found your blog on Google Reader, and this post really struck a chord in me. This is something I will have to remember - it really is quite a profound change in thinking for me!!