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Monday, 9 February 2009

Still Sleeping with Tom

Weight : 15.7% ~ 9.50/51.00 = 60.5 kg
Temperature = 35.9
Training : 12-8-10-6 - smith machine lunges : single leg extensions : single leg curls/calf raises : platform SL deadlifts + 20 min incline walk
Time : 1 hour 22 min ~ Calories : 643 ~ AHR : 130 bpm (74%)
Next target : 15 Feb : 14.2% ~ 8.56/51.74 = 60.3 kg

The 8 Week Miracle

When I was doing Body for Life, there was a frequently discussed phenomenon called the 8 week miracle. For some women, their weight barely moves for the first 6-7 weeks and then around week 8 they drop weight like crazy.

When I was in contest prep last year, the same thing happened. I lost a couple of kilos and then got stuck for weeks. It was at week 7 that I finally had a huge drop.

The problem with having a body like mine, is that left to my own devices, a diet that does nothing much for 6-7 weeks makes me think it is not working so I abandon it and move on to something else. I was so dangerously close to that point on Saturday. Thank God I didn't give in or I never would have seen a 400g drop this morning. Anything could happen tomorrow, but I am fairly certain that I am finally on my way.


  1. You're were right - woohoo!

    Now it's game on!

    You go girl.

  2. Nice work Katie!